…so what is toegirls?

I’m a German photographer and I’ve found those kind of fetish-niche about nylons, feet and heels some years ago on the internet, ‚guess from the beginning in the end of the 90s. Why is that thing so popular and what it’s all about footfetish? I asked myself. Well lot’s of sites containing really dirty cheap porn crap and some works of great photo-blogs you have out there meanwhile.

So my intention was creating an own blog with, let’s say some esthetic attitude as well. No commercial,  age verified members site with a high traffic update level but just some short videos or photo works what I like to supply for…

In photography for me it matters on less it’s more. A picture must be well done, then I allow myself using Lightroom or PS. If necessary I always try to change a light or color in a very low mode nor working with a software with those 5 letters. From a directors point of view it should be an easy way for the first 3 steps creating any picture: the idea, the object and a script telling a story. Toegirls should be understand as a kind of independent photo-arts & illustration blog with absolutely NOT a regular update period.

You’ll find fully clothed girls only, being 18 years of age at least. No adult content, no nude material. Clips and galleries of beautiful women playing with their feet and shoes appearing in natural and candid situations. For instance the classy secretary at the desk, girls in coffee bars or simply sitting on the couch while reading a magazine.

                                              Tom Müller

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